Supply chain IT

What really matters

I believe there are more solutions for managing supply chains than there are supply chains. Probably far more, since most of them are managed based on a variety of different designs and approaches internally.

Does this mean that it really doesn’t matter how the solutions are designed? Or at least, not that much since everything seems to work anyway, obviously? There are undoubtfully millions of them still in business and not only a few ones that share some kind of ultimate solution.

There is no Holy Grail of Supply chain IT

After more than thirty years in the middle of all this I tend to agree. It really doesn’t matter that much. There is no Holy Grail of Supply chain IT. There are however a few generic keys that master how efficient every single solution is working. But if the design of a solution is reasonably fit-for-purpose, we can just leave that topic behind. And focus on how to get the right things done as efficient as possible based on that instead.

These two areas or dimensions are equally paramount. My earlier possible downgrading of solution design was solely driven to point at an experienced imbalance, a widespread one. Too much attention and resources are directed towards design, and far too little towards improving what’s driving the business. The design must be done rigorously, absolutely. But the resulting design doesn’t come with any magic stick for driving the business, no matter how well it’s done.

The blue keys are in that sense the real differentiators. And besides, not the least, they are all subject for continuous improvements every day in the week.

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